Abramsson uttalar sig på BNPs hemsida

Nationaldemokraternas ordförande har gått ut på BNPs hemsida med en artikel som söker att förklara varför ett större missnöje och opposition har uppstått såväl i Storbritannien som i Sverige mot respektive nationaldemokratiskt ledarskap.
I artikeln som är på engelska kan man läsa om  en teori som enligt Abramsson riktar sig mot en EU-styrd och överstatlig maktkonspiration som arbetar mot ledarskapet genom infiltration.
Opositionen kommer att kommentera detta ,men publicerar först orginalartikeln på engelska.

Rubriken lyder  The new face of the enemy

Marc Abramsson, leader of the National Democrats party in Sweden, tells a familiar story about how he and his party have come under fierce attack from all sides in recent years.

By Marc Abramsson – Dear comrades! I have been in the struggle since 1994, fighting for the Swedish people’s right as the indigenous people of our land. I have organized hundreds of rallies, leafleting campaigns, demonstrations and meetings during the years.

I have tried different strategies to forward our struggle. We first tried to build a very large activist movement with huge demonstrations, and during 2004 we had 1,000 registered activists and at least one large demonstration each month. Unfortunately, we couldn’t finance the organization or all the work it took to organize, and we couldn’t pay our full-time employees.

We created an organization aimed at a parliamentarian struggle with a successful family concept. This gave us elected officials, but we realized that it was impossible to challenge the neo-conservative Swedish Democrats in the short term without money and with much less political legitimacy, something the establishment media more than willingly provided them with.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, perhaps the biggest challenge for us was the neo-Nazi movement. Don’t get me wrong: there were a lot of misguided youths, skinheads and good people that looked for change in the society, but their organization did harm our efforts quite a lot. Parades with “Nazi” uniforms could always be used by the establishment press against us as well.

During 2010 our party made some significant progress in several new fields. We succeeded with a three-year-long project that almost everyone told us was impossible: to establish a weekly newspaper with 2,000 subscribers, but we did so.

In Sweden a weekly newspaper receives £188,000 yearly in state finance support. Those that thought it was impossible told us that we would never receive any money, but, in April 2010, we did.

And even through all the time spent for almost three years making the newspaper, we still managed to keep all our councillor seats in competition with the Swedish Democrats in September 2010. We also managed to get two elected judges for the first time in modern Swedish history: two public judges appointed by nationalists.

Now, you might think that with all this progress in a situation where most of the nationalistic movement disappeared due to the nationalist, anti-Islam, pro-Zionist achievements of the Swedish Democrats, we would be in a strong position.

To my total surprise, the exact opposite happened. After all this success, a huge campaign against the party leadership began. Party members all over the country were telephoned by people who sounded friendly and trustworthy. But soon the calls only mentioned how bad the party leadership was, combined with “sweet talk” directed to the members.

At the same time, a lot of websites emerged pretending to be nationalistic but then concentrating on black propaganda and smear campaigns against me. The fractionating telephone calls expanded to an election-campaign-like scale, and fraction meetings started to appear, meetings where we, of course, weren’t invited to defend ourselves.

All this fighting and backstabbing slowed down our progress significantly and made a lot of good people quit since they often were kind and naïve and therefore easy to trick into these lies.

When I saw the consequences of this fifth-column fraction work, and when I realized that it all started at the same time in both Sweden and Britain and that the “criticism” was exactly the same, I got curious.

I got accused of trying to control everything in detail, that I had too many different responsibilities, and that I made a lot of people quit our organization during the years.

I realized that this was not just untrue but that it was also the same sort of criticism used against other nationalistic party leaderships. I thought it was especially interesting since I had no time to control the organization in detail, as all the people who ever worked with me knew that I always tried to give them large responsibilities since there are so few people who take responsibility for the struggle.

If you, like me, wonder why the neo-Nazi movement suddenly disappeared (in Sweden it took less than three years, and hundreds of neo-Nazis and their organizations just vanished) and why the civic nationalists suddenly got incredibly friendly treatment in the media – and why the true nationalistic party leaderships suddenly got more blame than the real opponents in the government destroying our lands – the only conclusion that I can come up with is that this new undermining of those in charge is what makes our organizations uncontrollable and weak.

All the strange behavior of people quitting our organization, and all these well-funded telephone campaigns and websites, can only be one thing: the new face of the enemy.

Nothing has ever harmed our movements more than this; nothing has slowed us down more than this. Can this be an EU-level decision that the nationalistic movement should be destroyed in the same way as the far-left organizations in the 70s? Some good advice: protect your elected party leadership. Without it, you won’t be able to win any struggle.


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